Bioaqua Cherry Blossoms Sakura Mask

Nourishes and moisturizes, delicate and silky, creating radiant beauty
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Whitening 美白
Hydra-Balance 平衡保湿
Pore-Refining 收缩毛孔
Anti-Wrinkles 去除皱纹
Tender & Smooth 嫩滑
Refreshing Hydra 清爽补水



Suitable for all skin type

In case of appearance of discomfort, please discontinue use of the product. Store at room temperature, in inaccessible for children places. 


How to use:

Step 1 - Freshen your skin with toner after washing your face
Step 2 - Open pouch and separate the mask sheet from the support sheet and place it on your face evenly
Step 3 - Leave the mask sheet on your face for 15-20 minutes
Step 4 - Remove the sheet. Gently tap your face to let the remaining contents absorb into your skin



Product Highlight:

⭕Helps dry, dehydrated skin with needed moisture
⭕Soft and moisturizing, leaving skin supple
⭕Gives skin a gentle and moisturizing complexion
⭕Skin is plump and smooth, delicate and moist
⭕Nourishes and moisturizes, delicate and silky, creating radiant beauty

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