Enamel Cast Iron Pot 7pcs Cookware

Safe & Healthy For Food With Chemical Free Ensured. Suitable for all types of cookers: induction, glass ceramic, electric, halogen and gas
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Cast Metal Iron Cooking Pot, Each Cooking Pot Are Made Unique & Made To Made Perfection. Withstand & Applicable To Any Heat Source. Safe & Healthy For Food With Chemical Free Ensured. Please Wear Gloves When Handling The Pot After Contacted With Heat Sources.

Fashion enamel exterior and white enamel interior---Enameled Cast Iron pot can be used to make casserole dish, hot pots, as a soup pots, stew pot, or a container for storing food. Self-circulating lid like shower head.

Vapor evenly distributed and nicely kept on the lid of the pot, help keeping all the essence of the food and vapor eventually drop back to food itself. Keep the good fresh, tender and juicy and tasty.

Heat retention--- Enamel Dutch Oven Cast Iron Construction Provides superior heat retention and even heat distribution Extreme Versatility Induction stovetop compatible---stovetop, oven and broiler safe, Dishwasher Safe.

Convenient maintenance and easy to cleanup. Enamel is safe and healthy for the human body because it is rust and corrosion resistant.

Non-stickiness can reduce oil use, avoid excessive oil intake, and make you and your family healthier.



> 18cm Casserole
> 21cm Casserole
> 24cm Casserole
> 24cm Fry pan 


Please do not heat for a long time when there is nothing in the pot. Try to use a wooden shovel or a silicone shovel. Avoid using metal shovel and steel balls to prevent scratching.

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