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  • Package Includes: 1 x 10g Cockroaches Control Gel Syring


  • Applicable Area: <20 square meters
  • State: Gel Time Used: 480 Hours
  • Use: Sanitary Eco-Friendly Pest Control Type: Pesticide
  • Fragrance: Faint Scent
  • Features: Non-toxic, Non-pollution, Non-irritation, It is more safety, you can rest assured to use it in your family. Powerful effect, keep your family with out the trouble of cockroach. Patent syring design, More convenient to use, More sanitary :)
  • Working Mechanism :

1. The pheromone attract cockroach to feed on, Once cockroach feed on our product, will been infected by virus PfDNV directly.

2. PfDNV spread in the whole cockroach group horizontally and infect via eggs to next generation vertically.

3. PfDNV likes a kind of man-made plague, kill the whole cockroach group thoroughly. Method of Application : No need any machine, you just press lightly biokiller in the shelters where roaches appear frequently, such as gaps,corners,holes, ect.


  • Place one spot every other 30-45cm, and the size of every sport is just like a mung bean.
  • Supply the bait gel after 5-7days, and the dosage is 30% of the first application dosage, to kill roaches thoroughly
  • Using Effect:

1. The First Day: You could see some dead of cockroaches.

2. After Several Days: The amount of death is increasing and less activities of cockroaches.

3. After a Week: 60-70% of cockroaches has been killed and their activities are obvious reducing.

4. After a Month: 90% of cockroaches has been killed and the remaining pesticide still works at least half a year.


Note : Keep the pesticide away from your children and pets in case of their mistaken eating.


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