Double Sided Honeycomb Wok Pan 32cm

Non stick, S.Steel (7 Layer), Easy and Health To Use
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High Quality: 32cm Wok /Pan

Applicable stove: Universal Type (Suitable to all type stove)

Material: 7 Layer Non Stick Wok Stainless steel

Description Details: Non stick, S.Steel (7 Layer)



Clean up the Wok before use. The new pot is first cleaned with boiling water. When the pot is left at the factory, there will be some residual industrial oil stains. When using (controlling the heat) Avoid burning fire, stainless steel pots have a little heat conduction, no need to open a fire, on the one hand, fuel-saving Gas, on the other hand, can effectively reduce the stick pan, paste pot, but also avoid the yellowing of the pot. After use (keep dry) Wash and dry thoroughly after each use to avoid oil residue residue, warm water effect, cleaning tool Sponge, scouring pad and special detergent for detergent and stainless steel can be used; It is not recommended to use a steel ball and decontamination powder to brush the pot, which will cause the mirror polishing brightness to become darker and older. If there is a paste pot condition, it is recommended to soak it in warm water before cleaning

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