Wash Free Stain Remover Strong Removal Of Stubborn Oil Stains On Clothes

Good for lazy people, no need to rub with hand.
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*Item Doesn't Come With Water Injector

Net content: 200ml

Product Form: liquid

Shelf life: 3 Years

Production Date: 2022-05-08


  • No need to wash with water
  • Quickly remove stain
  • Clean stubborn stain at any time
  • Penetrates deep into the fiber, quickly peels off oil stain
  • Deeply cleans stubborn stains
  • Removes dirt with active oxygen particles
  • Good for lazy people, no need to rub with hand
  • Only remove oil without hurting clothes and hands
  • Wide range of application, clean everyday stains
  • Before using, please try the product to see if the clothes will fade


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