Dry Washable Disposable 50pcs Reusable Cleaning Paper Towel Cloths

Wide range of applications, best cleaning tools for kitchen, bathroom, bowl, dish, pot and so on.
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๐Ÿงป Color: Random

๐Ÿงป Material: High Quality Non-woven Fabric

๐Ÿงป Type: Cleaning Equipment



โœ” Durable, washable, good water and oil absorber.

โœ” Stretchable, good towel quality. Can repeatedly wash 5-12 times depends on usage.

โœ” This washable towel is not normal tissue that easily tear off when soak in water.

โœ” Oil-absorbent water-absorbent cleaning sanitary roll paper

โœ” Non-lint dishwashing tissue to absorb oil

โœ” Very clean and hygienic.

โœ” No Grease and Bacteria: Discard the rag after use and it will not breed bacteria. Using one piece a day, the kitchen will have no grease and bacteria for better care for the family.

โœ” Wet and Dry Use: Easy to wash dishes and pans with the rag and not afraid of various oil stains. The wet and dry dual used rag can be used to wipe the kitchen, home, appliances, dishes, etc.

โœ” Polygonal Embossing: The polygonal embossing for 360-degree enhanced friction to absorb water and oil better.

โœ” The kitchen towel is made from wood pulp and PP, it is washable and reusable, perfect substitute for traditional



โœ” It is suitable for scrubbing kitchen utensils, tableware, utensils, tables, kitchens and stoves.

โœ” Perfect for dishes, drying your hands or face, cleaning mirrors, tables, windows, cars,or dusting.

โœ” Best kitchen helper to wash dishes, wipe dry dishes after washing, clean the stove, clean kitchen utensils etc and as hand towels.

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