Flashing Wheels

This safe and durable 4 wheels flash roller skates is so easy to wear and easy to use, you can use it indoor and outdoor.
Colour: BLUE
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Colour : Blue, Pink

Material: Plastic
Bearing: ABEC-7 Carbon steel
Load-bearing: 60kg
Wheel: Polyurethane

1.Children hot wheels, light roller skates. Two big wheels and two small wheels, bright color, high strength, good flexibility, width can be adjusted.
2.Elastic safety clasp, big wheels will shine accompanied by sliding. Without battery.

1.Use a screwdriver to loosen the screw on the shoe rack.

2.Using both hands, pull the ends of the wheel it.

3.The shoes put up, stuck in the shoe heel.

4.Using both hands, both ends of the wheel inward to shoot down (with shoes and between pulleys to close).

5.After adjusted the width of the shoe and tighten the screws removed.

6.Put your feet up, the tension on the buckle, to prevent loosening.


1. Children under five years of age should be under adult supervision slide.
2. When glide should wear adequate protection appliances (such as shield support, elbow pads and knee pads and helmet).
3. Before taxiing should check screws, rivets and shoes are solid or not.
4. It should glide in a safe, legal venue.
5. It should be avoided in many people's place or sliding during the night.
6. It should be avoided in the water, oil or uneven grounds glide.

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