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1. Before using the product for the first time, please thoroughly clean the parts in contact with food.

2. After switching on the power supply, the machine starts to work by pressing the switch machine by hand: the hand is released and the machine stops working.

3. Meat tendons, bones and skins are removed and vegetables are put in for processing.

4. Put the school meat knife into the cup body, cut the food into 1-2 cm blocks and put them into the cup body, the total volume should not exceed half of the total volume of the cup, otherwise the effect and service life of the product will be affected.

5. Turn on the light hand-operated switch of the power supply and start to work. The working time can not exceed 10 seconds at a time.

6. Cut off the power supply after processing. When the blade stops turning, take off the cover of the main machine, take out the blade, and take out the food with chopsticks.

7. Meat grinders and vegetable winches can not be used to dry grind hard food materials such as soybeans and rice.

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