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Toilet cleaner wash, boom wash, bubble wash, rinse off bubble, toilet wash
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Magic Foam Cleaner Toilet Bowl Cleaner Boom Wash Powerful Toilet Cleaner Active Oxygen Foam Toilet Bubble Clearing Powder Eraser Removing Stains Limescale For Toilets WC, Bidets Urinals Antibacterial Cleaner


  • Immediately foamed after into the water, can kill 99,9% of germs, extremely powerful toilet stain remover that can 100% effectively dissolves yellow urine scale, sediment and limescale.
  • Effective Stain Remover
  • Three-dimensional foaming technology, multi-directional cleaning, one bubble, two punch, three brush, easy to handle.
  • Refresh Your Toilet
  • Clean, dredge, antibacterial, deodorant, artifact, foaming granules, comprehensive cleaning, hidden stains. Muti-purpose cleaner
  • Suitable for aluminum alloy / stainless steel / floor / tile / wall and other materials.
  • Upgrated package - Do not hurt the pipeline, plastic hose can also be used to meet various needs, easy to get the position that traditional cleaners can not reach.


  • strong cleaning / dredge / antibacterial / deodorant / do not hurt the hand
  • Scope of application: toilet / floor drain / basin / sink / washing machine / various pipes / floor tiles / walls, etc.
  • Ingredients: citric acid, baking soda, surfactant, complexing agent, reactive oxygen species
  • Product Description: It is new cleanser to wash your dirty place. It is a magic detergent, gentle and not to hurt your hand.

How to use:

1. Pour in the cleanser into the place you need to wash.

2. Add water and wait it fused.

3. Waiting about 30 minutes.

4. Then use brush or other tools to wash it.

5. Everything is become clean. Use Range: Kitchen, sewer, pipeline, floor, ceramic tile, Washbasin, Toilet, closestool and so on.

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