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Instyler Tulip

Curling your hair has never been so fast and easy. The TULIP's innovative automatic curling technology lets you relax while the TULIP does all the work. With the tap of a button, you can have perfect curls and waves in just 3 seconds.
Anti-Tangle Technology

With the unique open barrel design of the TULIP, your hair is visible and exposed at all times, preventing hair from getting tangled and becoming jammed in the unit. The open design and ample space surrounding the barrel also makes it easy for the TULIP to curl long and thick hair.

Curling irons tend to leave creases, burn hair, and require you to do all the work. With the TULIP Auto Curler you simply tap the rotation button once and let it do all the work without damaging your hair. Not only is using the TULIP an easy, fast and fun experience, it gives perfect and consistent curls each and every time.


Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser

Pobling adalah Top 1 pembersih muka dari Korea. Satu gerakan bergetar yang maju untuk membersihkan kulit minyak, liang besar, dan sudut yang sukar untuk dicapai atau tidak pernah dicapaikan. Ia mempunyai 52000 serat mikro yang hanya sekecil 0.05mm, liang manusia biasanya adalah 0.07-0.09mm, ditambah ia menggunakan vibrati sonic pada 10000 kali seminit, oleh itu ia mudah untuk membersihkan liang kami dan memberikan kami muka yang bersih* Super Duper *


inside combo:

1 pobling

1 instyler tulip

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