benice facial steamer A508

Benice A508 home use beauty equipment facial steamer machine Colour: pink
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New Vaporizer Mini Sauna Facial Benice A-508

This amazing product is designed to provide soothing steam, which opens pores and helps remove dirt, bacteria and makeup residue. You will enjoy a spa treatment that leaves the skin soft, silky and helps to clear the nasal passages. Thanks to its innovative design, you can also enjoy a facial shield that protects your face from environmental impurities for days. The Vaporizer is capable of cleaning, moisturizes your skin and improves micro circulation.


- It serves for facial cleansing.
- Help in respiratory therapies.
- Can be used with essences.
- Clean face and neck.
- Works at 220v.
- It has LED indicator light of operation.
- 3 levels of steam intensity.
- ABS material.
- Voltage 110 / 220v.
- Power 100w.
- Size 58 x 40 x 57 cms.

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