Easy,fast low cost, in 5 minutes make your hair into black
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Ginger Essence Black Shampoo 500ml - wash, color and conditioning treatment all in one step.


Best gift for your parents this festive season.



1. Easy,fast low cost, in 5 minutes make your hair into black

2. Made of Herbal extracts, so it is safe and no harm to hair or scalp


  • Mokeru Black Hair Shampoo is the best solution for those who are suffering from gray or white hair.
  • It will dye your hair into shinny black in just 10-15 mins, which make you look younger instantly!
  • The herbal ingredients will not harm your hair and scalp, and the dyeing effect is really natural and shinny!
  • Easy operation just dye your hair like using normal shampoo,you can dye your hair black by yourself at home.
  • How to use

1) Please wear glove

2) Hair in dry condition

3) Squeeze out shampoo and mix it with hands and Gently shampoo your hair for 5 to 10 mins .(For parts that have lots of grey hair need to rub more )

4) Leave it for about 10-20 mins . ( Longer the time hair will be darker ).

5) Wash your hair gently and use normal shampoo to wash as usual.


** Usage : Once a week ( * don't store in warm places.. Keep in cool places or can store in refrigerator )

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