2 in 1 Set Coral Fleece / Set Tuala Viral Badan & Muka

Set Coral Fleece High Density Microfiber Bath Face Set Gift Towel
Colour: Red
Dark BlueDusty PurpleGreenPinkPurpleRedSoft Blue
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— Product Specification —

Materials : Microfiber

Size: Bath Towel - 70cm x 140cm

Size: Face Towel - 35cm x 75cm

Color: 6 Color

Availability : Red, Purple, Pink, Soft Blue, Dark Blue, Dusty Purple


— Product Features —

1. Strong Water Absorption
2. No Fiber Removal
3. Silky Feel
4. Ultra Light Weight
5. Quick EVAP (Fast dry after used)
6. Premium Quality with valuable price



1. Please allow 1-2cm different due to manual measurement
2. Real color could be slightly different from pictures due to computer screen's resolution, brightness, contrast etc
3. Recommend to wash it before Use for hygiene purpose

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