3 In 1 Kids Seat Toilet Trainer

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Potty training your kids will never be a burden again with our 3 in 1 portable potty seat for toddlers. Introducing a unique design that is guaranteed to give your kid the best toilet seat training experience. Our potty training seat includes a portable potty, toilet trainer with a mini ladder and a toilet seat reducer.

Three possible uses:

1. a standalone potty training seat that your kid can independently reach and use.

2. an actual potty seat for toilets with a step stool so kids can easily get on the toilet on their own.

3. The portable potty seat for toddlers is a detachable kids toilet seat reducer for when your kid grows out of the small potty.

This 3 in 1 potty training seat can easily be disassembled or adjusted for your convenience. Not only is this portable potty seat lightweight and transportable, it is designed with bright and attractive colors perfectly suited for your toddler.It has a removable basin for quick clean-up; wash with mild soap and water.


Brand new and high quality

Helps child become independent while toilet training  

A self standing potty seat for toilets that is designed with bright and cheerful colors and will encourage your toddler to want to use their potty seat every day. 

Made with skid proof, non slip materials 

Made to use on-the-toilet with a built-in step stool, and a comfortable, toddler toilet seat insert.

Made of easy-to-clean polypropylene, with a removable basin for quick clean-up

Folds up neatly for easy storage

The product is ONLY suitable for children between 18 months and 4 years old.

The weight limit is 66 LBS. 

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