ELECTRICITY SAVING BOX (Hijau) Alat Jimat Elektrik

Can reduce electrical power loss by up to 50% and more.
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1) How many Power Savers do I need?
Appliances draw varying amounts of power during their operation. A single fluorescent globe for example draws approximately 30w. Add another globe to the equation and you are now using 60w of power.
A single Flexi Power Saver unit supports a home/business using up to 19,000w of input power at any one time.
If your energy usage is above this amount, you may choose to install further units to maximize your savings. In this case we recommend one unit for each fuse allocated to power points.

2) How much power will I save?
Depending on the appliance being used, you will save anywhere up to 30%
All electrical appliances efficiency reduces
with time, sometimes even as new as 6 months old. As the electrical appliances age increase, it will consume more power without being realized and result to higher electricity bill.
The Power Saver is a device which helps to stabilize voltages and reduce currents in your power supplies. It enhance power efficiency of electrical appliances, avoid wastage of the electricity supplies and help to extend the life span of your electrical appliances.
As a result of the above, the Power Saver will help to reduce up to 40% of your monthly electricity bill.

3) Why Use Power Saver?
All electric equipment/appliances efficiency reduces with time, sometimes as new as 6 month old appliance. As the appliances age increase, it will consume more power without being realized and result to higher electricity bills.
As Technology advances, many household have more and more gadgets and equipments with different power requirements and wire sized affecting voltage and current consumption. Unstable supply voltages increase in resistance due to wire size and poor power supply, which may result in power loss or sometimes even fire.
Extra electrical power can also be lost naturally when being transmitted (called wire loss) or at the instant of turning on the power equipment.
All of our electricity supply is subject to surges from time to time, which result in spikes that can be damaging to your household electrical appliances.
These spikes simply consume electricity, resulting in overheating, which shortens the life of our electrical appliances and wiring of our home. In extreme cases electrical spikes can cause burns, blow outs and even power cuts.

Using Power saver can

Can reduce electrical power loss by up to 40% and more.

Prolong the life of electric equipments by 1.5 times

Improve quality of electricity supplies. Make stable and safe.

Save up to 40% and more on electricity expense, results will vary.

Save up to 40% of expense on electricity bill

Easy to use and no wiring needed. Just plug and start saving.

Prolong your electrical appliances life span and maintenance cost.

Enhances quality of electricity supplies. Make supplies stable and safe.

Reduce temperature of wire.

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