Smart Travel Bottle Set

4-In-1 Travel Bottles Set Organized Leak Proof Smart Travel Spray Sub-Bottle Makeup Tools
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Item Type: Smart Travel Sub-bottle Shell

material: ABS PC

Inner bottle material: food grade PET Accessories

material: environmental protection PP

Inner bottle capacity: 45ml*4PCS

Single shot: less than or equal to 0.25CC Adapt to temperature: -20 ° C -50 ° C

Color: Gray / Pink (Optional)

Size: 67*67*168mm

Weight: 150g

Package List: 1 * Outer Bottle 4 * Inner Bottle 1 * Label Sticker


1. 4 In 1 - 4 kinds of lotion bottles are all in one, easy to store, easy to carry, make your travel more stylish, quality life will be opened from now on.

2. Rotate Switching - Rotate switching function, use and close just need one step to operate, very convenient and fast. The four emulsions do not need to be taken out separately, and only need to be switched by rotation to close the outlet. 3. Visual window - double-layer visible window, category and capacity at a glance.

4. High-Technology - The pump body is an upgraded version of the external structure, the spring and the liquid have no contact, very safe.

5. Environmentally Friendly Materials - The inner bottle is made of baby-grade PET environmentally friendly materials and can be used with confidence.

6. No Need To Check In - Meet the aviation security standards, carry it with you and board the plane directly.

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