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  • The portable juicer can be used anywhere, no matter in travel, picnic, or even in the office you can give yourself a glass of fresh squeezed juice.
  • Small in size, portable and multi-use, can used as a common cup and juice blender.
  • Can mix kinds of fruit.
  • Healthy and environmentally-friendly, use new and nontoxic PP/PC material.
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning
  • Specification:
    Motor Design : DC3.6V
    Working current: 10-12A
    Electric battery: 3.7V
    Battery capacity: 2000mAh
    Charging period: about 3 hour
    Working time: 60s-90s
  • Squeeze 10-12 instances when fully charged, and simple for charge whenever battery used up.

Fruit Slicer Shun Kang

Color: Black

Multifunctional Fruit and Vegetable Round Slices Lemon Tomato Slicer Kitchen Fruit Cooking Device Creative Kitchen Tools

Easy Slice Universal Slicer Lemon Slicer Tomato Slicer Clamp, It also clamp egg tart,small dessert etc. Easy to use simply place tomato/orange/onion/potato in the slicer and slice with knife(knife not included). With this tomato slicer you’ll have no trouble cutting decent slices of tomato consistently to one size. Made of durable plastic. Hassle-free cleaning.

-Size: Approx 18 x 8 x 8cm
-Material: Plastic
-Quick & easy to use and clean.
-Save time for busy kitchen cooking.
-Creative kitchen tools.
-Environmental protection, non-toxic harmless, let you rest assured to use.

How to use: Place a tomato into the slicer, simply cut between the gap.


inside combo :

1 portable rechargeable juice 

1 fruit slicer shunkang

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