LKB sink clog cleaner

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Please read the following details about this product carefully:

1、 please do not contact the skin directly or oral, children do not close to 

2、 this product can not be used with other dredge agents and chemicals

3、 this product can not be used in aluminum products

4、 this product in case of warm water and cold water, safe and stable. When the         water temperature is high, it will react violently, improve the resolving power             and temperature rapidly, pay attention to safety, do good protection work and         prevent splashing

5、this product does not corrode the plastic pipe, but not for aluminum products           pipeline

6、for plastic pipes, one-time can not add too much, so as not to cause                       deformation

7、 in accordance with the principle of a small number of times, the use of not             more than 40g (1 caps), the water temperature is not more than 30 degrees,           more than 30 minutes intervals can be used again, so as not to cause pipe             deformation

8、suggested dosage:

      Bathroom sink, floor drain, bathtub hair clogged: 40-240g

      Dredge the toilet and squat toilet: 200-600g

      Dredge the main pipe: 300-1800g

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