O.TWO Eyebrow Powder One Step Eyebrow Stamp with Brush & Shaping Stencil Card

Simple press to print perfect lines to save sparse and shallow eyebrows.
Colour: 01 Light Coffee Brown
01 Light Coffee Brown02 Dark Coffee Brown03 Caramel Coffee
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Simple press to print perfect lines to save sparse and shallow eyebrows, farewell to ineffective eyebrows and instantly get natural eyebrows; quickly color filling with long-lasting effect to create perfect eyebrow shape.



1. The silty is fine, natural and docile

2. One-print coloring, fast coloring

3. Waterproof and sweat proof, not easy to fade

4. A variety of eyebrow shapes, natural and versatile

5. Light and foggy eyebrows, bid farewell to bluntness



Brand: O.TWO.O

Color:3 Net

Weight: 1.5g



01 Light Brown(Suitable for Natural Or Brown Hair Color)

02 Deep Coffee Color Brown(Suitable for Dark Brown Or Dark Hair Color)

03 Caramel Coffee(Suitable for Red Brown Or Chestnut Brown Hair Color)


01 Light coffee brown(for natural or brownish hair)

02 Dark coffee brown(for dark brown or darker hair)

03 Caramel coffee(for red-brown or chestnut brown hair)



Choose card to align with eyebrow shape, gently press eyebrows with sponge to evenly fill the color, then improve the shape with eyebrow brush.


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