Dahao Red Fire Ant Killing Bait

Powerful Effective Destroy Red Fire Ant Insecticide Bait Seed Repellent 50gram
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Package contents:

1x Red Fire Ants Killing Bait 50g

Net weights: 50g

Shelf life: 2years

* The date printed on packaging is the date of manufacture and the expired date is two years after manufacture.


Use tips:

1. Use in dry environment, soil temperature 23-30 degrees Celsius;

2. Spread the medicine 50cm outside the ant nest to destroy the ant nest;

3.Sprinkle on the fire ants emerging from the ant nest;

4. It is necessary to apply the pesticide during the foraging period of the red fire ant activity, and avoid the application of the red fire ant during its wedding and flying, migration and reconstruction;

5.Please do not sprinkle or irrigate the application area within 6 hours after application.



1. Kill all the baits in a short time!

2. It's safe for the elderly and children or pets, but it's best not to let your children or pets eat or touch him. 3.Use can not contaminate food, utensils and drinking water;

4.Use soap after use to wash hands;

5.If you enter your eyes, please wash.

Note: For non-food products, keep out of reach of children and avoid direct sunlight when storing.

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