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Scholl description:

Scholl Instant Hard Skin Remover is a revolutionary way to remove thick, hard skin. It's safety blade technology and ergonomicdesign provides easy and effective removal of hard skin.

Scholl Instant Hard Skin Remover uses safety blade technology to effectively remove hard skin, allowing you achieve great resultsat home.

Skin relief massager :

safe and effective alternative to chemical and laser peels for all skin types to promotes facial blood circulation. Use the massager to stimulate skin in absorbing the essence during or after masking. Rotate speed of the massager has low and high settings. Operated by 2 AA batteries.

* Reduces and erases sun damage.
* Reduces pore size.
* Reduces and erases fine lines and wrinkles.
* Reduces and erases age spots and skin discoloration.
* Firms skin and muscle tone to reduce sagging.
* Enhances new cellular rejuvenation.


inside combo: 
1 scholl hard skin

1 skin relief massager

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