Blaster Pipe Drainer

Compressed Air Drain Blaster Pump Plunger & Suckers
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  • Type of pipeline: suit for hard pipe: cast iron pipes, PVC pipes, PPR pipes; Not suit for soft pipe: rubber hose, plastic hose, others.
  • Type of blockage: suit for: hair, vegetable, accessory; Not suit for: urine alkali, cement, hard object. It can effectively remove hairs, cloth, tea, vegetable, rubbish from pipeline.
  • This pipeline dredge takes advantage in high pressure to remove blockage from the pipe.
  • Four suckers can be used in different size of pipelines, washbasin, sink, bathtub, floor drain, squatting pan, toilet and etc.
  • Pull the handle about 15 to 25 times, repeat several time until remove the blockage.
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