Home Decontamination Cream Multifunctional Leather Car Seat Sofa Shoe Home Cleaner

Powerful to break stains down quickly without damage.
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Net content: 260g

Shelf life: Until 06/05/2025

Applicable: household Leather Car Seat Sofa Shoe Home Cleaner

  • Strong decontamination: Powerful to break stains down quickly without damage.
  • Easy to use:No water cleaning. Surfaces become clean quickly after use.
  • Widely applicable:All surfaces in the kitchen and office, sneakers, small plastic, objects, smooth leather goods, household appliances, etc.    


Use Step:

1. Wipe plastic leather products with a sponge dip a little cleansing cream.

2. Sponge stained with tap water after wring dry can be reused.

3. Wipe the gap dirt can be a little soft towel dip a little cream on a variety of membership cards for cleaning.

4. Clean glass products can be wiped with a sponge, and then wring dry wet towel wipe again, and finally wipe with a cloth or paper towel can be.

5. For the sofa, a variety of flooring and decorative walls, desirable amount of clean paste dissolved in about 60 ℃ dissolved in water then cleaning.

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