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Cut the split ends and not the length.  FASIZ CORDLESS HAIRhas been specially designed for easy and quick removal of split ends and damaged hair. This device is capable of performing embroidery cutting practice and quickly without taking the length of the hair.


Hair Nourishing Cap

*Hair Nourishing *Hair Dyeing 
*Hair Shaped *Hair Drying
Perfect for conditioning, coloring, styling and drying....

- Designed for home use 
-- Function: the heat steam coming from the cover speeds up blood circulation of hair, making the hair easier to absorb the nutrition 
-- Without any grease, easy to clean 
-- Making hair more smooth, flexible and moist 
-- Light and small, easy to grip and use 
-- With reasonable exhaust adjustment 
-- Auto over-heating protection system, safe and reliable 
-- Convenient to use at home, instead of going to beauty parlor
-- 3-in-1 hand free hair beautifier: hair nourishing, hair figuration, hair drying 
-- Easy-to-Operate Hair Beauty Treatment with Exhaust Adjustable



inside combo : 

1 fasiz cordless hair trimmer

1 Hair Nourishing Cap

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