Active Oxygen Washing Powder Biological Enzyme Foam

Tak perlu gosok baju pakai tangan lagi, rendam je!
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Active Oxygen Bubble Washing Powder

-Net: 220g

Product characteristics: bag

Function: to stains to life to mildew

Shelf life: 3 years

Production date: 08-05-2022


-You don't need to rub your clothes with your hands, you can soak them in a soak and they will be clean.

-Not only does it have a good decontamination effect, but it also lasts for a long time.

-A bottle of 220 grams can wash fifty or sixty pieces of clothes, it is highly recommended


Serbuk Pencuci Gelembung Oksigen Aktif Enzim 

-Tak perlu gosok baju pakai tangan lagi, rendam je!

-Bukan sahaja kesan dekontaminasi yang bagus, malah tahan lama.

-Satu botol 220 gram boleh mencuci lima puluh atau enam puluh helai pakaian, sangat disyorkan

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